Organici – Organic Store & Bakery WooCommerce Theme

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Latest Version 2.0.7 – April 8 2020 – view changelog

WordPress 5.4 Ready

WPBakery Page Builder 6.x Ready

WooCommerce 4.x Ready

Organici is an advanced Organic store WordPress theme that perfectly designed and developed for all kinds of Organic Store, including organic food, organic fruits, and vegetables, organic bakery, organic farm, coffee, cosmetic, etc.

Organici is the ultimate responsive WordPress Theme that combines a clean design and a very powerful backend interface that is extremely customizable and easy to use. Flexible settings, Fast loading, Fully responsive, Retina-ready, Live theme customizer, SEO Friendly, One-click demo, WooCommerce Built-in, Devoted support and much more. All these amazing features are blended together in Organici – our latest fascinating Theme.

Organici brings in the fresh interface with a natural and healthy style that will satisfy all your needs. Make business with our theme and we will not let you down!

Big Update!!!Organici is back with more new interesting looks that will attract lots of customers around Organic store niche. Also, we add more functional functions and fix old issues as well. News version of these eye-catching will give a better user experience during the setup process.

9 Stunning Demos

Users get more options in creating a fresh organic store with a beautiful look and endless inspiration homepage demos.

Unique Feature – Special Box

Organici offers additional special boxes which allow users easily to set up amazing boxes for your organic store site. This feature shines out the theme and make it be special comparing with other organic store themes.

WooCommerce Integrated

Organici is 100% compatible with wooCommerce plugin. With tons of possibility and fully customized pages, payments and features, you can easily set up as well as manage your organic online store.

Mega menu

Organici is supported with Mega menu which helps users easily organize a large amount of menu items. The feature is much necessary for running a professional online shop.

Custom Post Types

Organici comes with these 2 additional custom post types including Testimonial (Input testimonials and get them displayed on any pages using testimonial shortcode) and Farmer (Add and change farmers.)

Builing Made Easy

Organici keeps your setting up your organic store on resonable budget and on time with the integration of these below premium WordPress plugins.

All what Empower Organici

Here’s what puts Organici above the rest. These features contribute to the success of the current Organici

Feedback from our beloved customers

Organici Theme – Full Features List

  • Responsive and Retina Ready

    Organici has a fully responsive layout. It fits perfectly on various displays and resolutions from regular desktop screens to tablets, iPads, iPhones and small mobile devices.

  • 2 Style: Organic Food & Organic Bakery
  • 9 Home Variations
  • 6 Header Variations

    • Header Default
    • Header Agency
    • Header Business
    • Header FullWidth
    • Header Shop
    • Header Logo Center
  • Special Boxes

    We have developed additional Boxes to help you easily sell your products in the most effective way. You can select your products to make a special set to sell.

  • WooCommerce Integrated

    100% compatible with WooCommerce Plugin, with tons of possibilities and fully customized pages and features.

  • Mega Menu

    Organici is supported with Mega Menu which helps you easily organize large amount of menu items.

  • 2 Custom post types

    Organici comes with these 2 additional custom post types below:

    • Testimonial: Input testimonials and get them displayed on any pages using testimonial shortcode
    • Farmer: Add and change farmers.
  • Live Theme Customizer

    With Organici, you get to choose the color scheme of your site, ensuring that the aesthetics will match your vision.

  • SEO Friendly

    Organici is built with best SEO practices in mind and it works great with popular SEO plugins.

  • One Click Demo Data Import

    Choose demo you want and import any with just one click. Build your website within seconds.

  • Right to Left

    Organici supports right to left languages and repositions elements when necessary.

  • Automatic Update

    No more wasting your time updating theme and plugins manually. The theme can be easily updated automatically with just one click.

  • Slider Revolution Included (Save $25)

    Save you $25 for the beautiful Slider plugin. Integrated within the theme, it will help you to build sliders with multiple animation choices and intuitive interface.

  • WPBakery Page Builder Included (Save $46)

    Save $46 for the best-selling drag & drop page builder for WordPress

  • Contact Form 7

    Flexible Contact Form plugin. It’s easy to customize and work with.

  • Translation Ready

    Organici supports multilingual translation using WPML.

  • Unlimited colors and Google Font

    Flexible colors to pick for your theme. Most of elements’ color can be changed easily in our Live Theme Customizer. Choose between a bunch of fonts, all available at Google Web Fonts.

  • Detailed and comprehensive documentation

    We included in theme package dedicated document file to guide you step by step installing and customizing the theme. You also can find the detailed online guide on our support center here.

  • Regular Update

    We keep updating the theme regularly with more addon features and minor bug fixed. Just one time payment, you will get the update lifetime for free.

  • Devoted Support

    In addition to dedicated documentation, the senior developers of Organici will support you. We are happy to support you to build your amazing website.

Change log

2.0.7 |April 8,2020|
    - [Fix] Outdated WooCommerce template file.
    - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.
2.0.6 |Dec 31,2019|
          - [Fix] Outdated WooCommerce template file.
          - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.
2.0.5 |Oct 23,2019|
    - [Fix] Outdated WooCommerce template file.
    - [Update] WPBakery Page Builder and Revolution slider to latest version.
    - [Check] The latest version of WP 5.2 and plugins.
    - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.
2.0.4 |Jul 16,2019|
        - [Notice]: Disable the plugin Noo Organici Library Core before update the theme.
    - [Fix] Customizer typography issue.
    - Update WPBackery, Revolution slider. |Jun 12,2019|
    - [Quick Fix] Theme update and install.
2.0.3 |Jun 11,2019|
    - [Fix] WooCommerce outdated template file.
    - [Check] With the latest version of WP 5.2.x and other plugins.
2.0.2 |Feb 16,2019|
    - [Fix] Product Simple Slider issue.
    - [Update] WPBackery & Revolution slider.
    - [Fix] Other styling issues.
    - [Check] With the latest version of WP 5.0 and other plugins.  
2.0.1 |Dec 10,2018|
    - [Update] WPBackery & Revolution slider.
    - [Fix] WooCommerce outdated template file.
    - [Check] With the latest version of WP 5.0 and other plugins.
2.0.0 |Jul 24,2018|
    - [Add] 3 Home page ( Home Beauty Shop, Home Organic Farm, Home Boxes Products ).
    - [Add] Instagram Widget to footer.
    - [Improve] The source code and style.
1.9.0 |Jun 19,2018|
    - [Fix] The conflict with WooCommerce 3.4.2.
    - [Improve] The header, page heading style.
    - [Check] With the latest version of WP 4.9.6 and other plugins.
1.8.8 |May 28,2018|
    - [Fix] The conflict with WooCommerce 3.4
    - [Fix] Other styling issues.
    - [Check] With the latest version of WP 4.8.2 and other plugins.
1.8.7 |Mar 12,2018|
    - [Fix] The conflict with WooCommerce 3.3.2
    - [Improve] style layout.
1.8.6 |Feb 11 2018|
    - [Fix] The conflict with WooCommerce 3.3.1
    - [Check] With the latest version of WP 4.9.x and other plugins.
1.8.5 |24th Oct 2017|
    - [Add] Fit row / Masonry layout for shop listing page
    - [Fix] Scroll product in the mini cart.
    - [Fix] Change related products grid layout to the slider.
    - [Fix] Other styling issues.
    - [Check] With the latest version of WP 4.8.2 and other plugins.
1.8.4 |13th Oct 2017|
    - [Fix] The conflict with WooCommerce 3.2
    - [Fix] Other styling issues.
    - [Check] With latest version of WP 4.8.2 and another plugins.
1.8.3 |12th June 2017|
    - [FIX] Related Products columns.
    - [FIX] Image cannot loaded in single product details page.
1.8.2 |6th June 2017|
    - [FIX] Footer Widget issue.
    - [FIX] Shortcode Noo Product Menu.
    - [FIX] Header style CSS issue.
1.8.1 | 24th May 2017|
    - [FIX] Outdated WooCommerce Copied template files.
    - [FIX] Single product image gallery.  |12th April 2017|
    - [FIX] Single product details gallery image.
1.8.0 |11th April 2017|
    - [FIX] WooCommerce 3.0 conflict
    - [FIX] Other styling issues fixed.
1.7.1 | 25th November 2016 |
    - [ADD] Add new page templates for No Header, No Footer or Blank.
    - [ADD] Add option to show/hide Cart icon on Mobile devices.
    - [ADD] Option to show/hide All products filter on Product Grid shortcode.
    - [FIX] Fix an issue with color picker on Customizer.
    - [FIX] Fix some small styling issues.
1.7.0 | 16th November 2016 |
    - [ADD] Add new style for the 404 page.
    - [ADD] Add a new option to change the Secondary color.
    - [ADD] Add social widget to the TopBar.
    - [UPDATE] Enable Frontend Edit for WPBakery Page Builder
    - [UPDATE] Update Revolution Slider to the latest version
    - [UPDATE] Update WPBakery Page Builder to the latest version, 5.0
    - [UPDATE] Add option Target to the Social Widget.
    - [FIX] Fix an issue of Product Slider shortcode.
    - [FIX] Fix an issue with Grid columns on Shop page.
    - [FIX] Fix an issue with no image Shop heading.
    - [FIX] Fix some styling issues
    - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.
1.6.0 | 18th October 2016 |
    - [ADD] Add masonry layout to the Shop page.
    - [UPDATE] Update on Header Shop style, show Minicart when hovering over the cart icon.
    - [FIX] Fix some issues with Google Fonts
    - [FIX] Fix bug product pages don't have the sidebar in some case.
    - [ADD] Add an option to turn on or off the TopBar and its elements.
    - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.
1.5.3 | 15th September 2016 |
    - [FIX] Fix and issue with Google Font's style.
    - [FIX] Fix an issue with importing Bakery demo.
    - [FIX] Fix an issue with the off-canvas menu.
1.5.2 | 15th September 2016 |
    - [UPDATE] Update WPBakery Page Builder to the latest version, 4.12.1
    - [UPDATE] Update Google Font list
    - [FIX] Fix sticky menu effect.
    - [FIX] Fix an issue with Minicart.
    - [FIX] Fix some responsive styling issues.
    - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.
1.5.1 | 22nd July 2016 |
    - [UPDATE] Support WooCommerce 2.6.3
    - [UPDATE] Redirect to Homepage after click Log Out.
    - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.
1.5.0 | 14th July 2016 |
    - [ADD] Add Map API option to cope with new Google Map API.
    - [ADD] Add new style to shortcode Product Slider.
    - [UPDATE] Remove Heading background image in the homepage.
    - [UPDATE] Login/Register link recognize the user state.
    - [UPDATE] Making theme's mega menu works with custom menu plugins.
    - [UPDATE] Improve off-canvas menu style and behavior.
    - [UPDATE] Improve some style of WooCommerce's elements.
    - [FIX] Fix bug can't change the font in Customizer.
    - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.
1.4.0 | 1st July 2016 |
    - [ADD] Add RTL support.
    - [ADD] Add heading background image to the single product page.
    - [ADD] Add link to shortcode Attribute Item.
    - [UPDATE] Update WPBakery Page Builder to the latest version, 4.12
    - [UPDATE] Update Revolution Slider to the latest version 5.2.6
    - [UPDATE] Support WooCommerce 2.6.1
    - [FIX] Fix some style with Minicart.
    - [FIX] Some style issue.
    - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.
1.3.0 | 2nd June 2016 |
    - [ADD] Add option to change the style of the Menu on mobile devices.
    - [UPDATE] Update Revolution Slider to the latest version
    - [FIX] Fix bug of can't translate the language of Library plugin
    - [FIX] Fix bug can't change the layout of a single product
    - [FIX] Fix bug missing heading background on a single page in some case
1.2.0 | 13th May 2016 |
    - [UPDATE] Update Slider Revolution to the latest version
    - [ADD] Add options for multiple locations on Noo Map shortcode
    - [UPDATE] Allow HTML content on Noo Map and Attribute shortcode
    - [FIX] Fix bug can't export Customizer settings
    - [FIX] Fix error messages when site does not install WooCommerce plugin
    - [FIX] Fix some bug with menu style on mobile.
    - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed
1.1.0 | 16th April 2016 |
    - [UPDATE] Update WPBakery Page Builder to the latest version,
    - [UPDATE] Update Slider Revolution to the latest version
    - [UPDATE] Add support for WordPress 4.5
    - [FIX] Fix error when active any plugin
    - [FIX] Fix bug can't change the layout of a single product.
    - [FIX] Fix some style error
    - [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed
1.0.2 | 3rd March 2016 |
    - [FIX]: Fix bug can't use the settings in the post edit page.
    - [FIX]: Fix bug can't use the settings in the Appearance -> Menu.
1.0.1 | 26th February 2016 |
    - [FIX]: Fix warning message when install theme.
    - First stable release


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