WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management

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WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management

The WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management plugin helps store owners to create loyalty points for their customers. So the customer can earn the point by purchasing any product and they can also redeem their points during purchase.

The customer can earn loyalty points during purchases from the WooCommerce and POS stores. Also, they can check their accumulated points in their profile section.

The admin can set up rules based on the cart total and product categories for earning and redeeming the loyalty points in the WooCommerce store or POS. The admin can also credit or debit loyalty points to the customer accounts.


To use this module for the WooCommerce POS, you must have installed the WooCommerce POS System plugin. first.

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Why WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management?


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Features of WooCommerce & POS Loyalty Management

  • In WooCommerce POS and WooCommerce stores, the admin can create a loyalty program for the customers.
  • Admin can perform manual transactions for the loyalty points.
  • In the transaction list, the admin can view all the credit and debit loyalty points
  • The admin can filter option-based transactions on the basis of transaction type, date, and customer.
  • The admin can create multiple rules for the loyalty points for the customers.
  • On the basis of cart total or product categories, rules can be created.
  • Users can redeem loyalty points as full or partial.
  • Multiple redemption rules can be created by the admin for the loyalty points.
  • The admin can decide on loyalty points on every purchase of the customers by entering the purchase amount.
  • Rules can be edited anytime means the admin can enable or disable the existing rules as per the requirement.
  • The customers will get reward loyalty points on their orders.
  • The customer can check their loyalty points in their panel under the account section.
  • The POS agent can check the customer’s loyalty points under the customer section.
  • The POS agent can also redeem loyalty points on customer purchases.
  • If the customer returns the item of the order, the loyalty points will get revoked.
  • POS add-on supports the Dark Theme feature.
  • The customer will get loyalty points even if the product is purchased from POS.

Highlighted Features

1- Multiple Loyalty Rules

The admin can create multiple loyalty points rules based on cart total or product categories.

2- Reward Point Weightage

The admin can decide the loyalty point weightage for the customer’s order.

3- Reward point redemption

The user can redeem their reward points on different purchases based on weightage.

4- POS Panel Loyalty Point

The user can use their point on the POS panel as well for product purchases.

5- Transaction List

The seller, admin, and user all can check the loyalty point transaction history.

6- Manual Transaction

The admin can credit manual transactions of the users for the loyalty point.

Business Use

If a customer gets some reward for any purchase it will encourage them to purchase more. However, in this plugin users gets the reward in the form of loyalty points which they can use while purchasing the product on the WooCommerce store or POS store.

Users can earn the reward by ordering and redeeming those points while purchasing the product. So it will reduce the base price of the product and provide benefits to the customer. It will also enhance sales due to frequent purchases.

WooCommerce & POS loyalty management helps the store owner, sellers, and customers to manage the transaction history of the reward points.

Change Log

"Initial release v 1.0.0" "Current release v 2.0.0" 
v 2.0.0
1. Updated customer points ui at pos panel.
2. Updated loyalty points redeem form ui at pos panel.
3. Updated customer purchase loyalty points display message ui.
4. Added compaitibility with POS 4.1.0.
v 1.0.2
1. Change Admin input box layout.
2. Compatible Plugin as per POS 3.6.3
3. Change admin UI as per POS 3.6.3

v 1.0.1
1. Added My Account Page Dynamic Endpoint.
2. Fixed Security issues.

v 1.0.0
Initial release

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